Category C+E

To obtain an LGV Category CE licence, also know as Class 1 or Artic licence, you must already hold your LGV Category C licence.

As an LGV Category C licence holder already, there is no more medicals or theory tests to complete to obtain the LGV Category CE licence.

If you obtained your LGV C Category licence before September 2009 then you are also exempt from Driver CPC Part 2: Case Studies Test and Driver CPC Part 4: Practical Demonstration Test.

LGV Category CE Test Criteria:

On your LGV Category CE driving test you will be examined on your general driving capability and on set exercises.

The set exercises will include:

  • An ‘S’ shaped reverse into a bay.
  • A braking exercise (on road)
  • Demonstrating the uncoupling and re-coupling procedure if you’re taking a test with a trailer

The drive time on the road lasts around 60 minutes, while the overall test takes around 90 minutes. During the driving test the examiner will give you directions which you should follow. Test routes are designed to be as uniform as possible and will include a range of typical road and traffic conditions.

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