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If anyone leaving the military that would like to pursue a career as LGV driver within the transport and logistic industry upon leaving the Armed Forces, if you already hold your LGV driving license, you will need to obtain a Driver of Professional Competence ‘Driver CPC Card’ before you can drive a commercial vehicle in civvy street.

If you don’t have an LGV driving license, our recommendation is that you try and obtain your LGV license before leaving the military, as once you leave the military you will not be able to use Enhanced Learning Creditation Scheme ‘ELCAS’ to fund your LGV driver training.


Not all veterans are prepared to civilian life with many struggles to adapt with the transition but also employers not fully understanding what the veteran has to offer especially those from non- trade or technical background.

Things would be made a lot easier if the ELCAS scheme could be used to gain their Driver training upon leaving the service, but due to this not being a Learner level 3 this scheme is barred for many. And unable to gain employment many find themselves not only unemployed but loosing their way in society.


One in ten prisoners in jail today is an Armed Forces Veteran, Its estimated there are over 9,000 veterans locked up. The figure is a record high according to military campaigners who fear that the problem is getting worse every year.


In the UK, there are around 10,000 homeless veterans living on our streets. Research shows that being homeless can sometimes force you to follow a life of criminality and drug or alcohol abuse. This can then influence mental health and wellbeing. Exposure to criminality can lead to veterans committing crimes and becoming imprisoned..


Through training and creating employment opportunities, we hope to prevent Veterans from experiencing hardships that are unfortunately common amongst ex-military personnel. This ranges from custodial sentences to homelessness. By giving Veterans the tools they need to prosper in their lives, this will hopefully prevent such situations from happening.

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