Veterans Into Logistics


In 2018, our founder Darren Wright attended the funeral of close military friend Jamie Doyle who had served 22 years in The Royal Artillery.

Less than 12 months after Jamie had left the British Army he was tragically found dead at home, being unable to cope after leaving the military.

Walking away from Jamie’s funeral, Darren knew more needed to be done to support for ex-military personnel who are struggling to adapt to civilian life.

Having made the transition himself, Darren knew all too well how challenging it was – he too had struggled with the loss of the military network and structured military lifestyle.

Veterans into Logistics was formed in 2020. We purchased our first HGV training vehicle naming it in memory of Jamie Doyle, and enabling us to start our mission.


What We Believe

We believe in a world where veterans should not struggle to gain meaningful employment upon leaving the Armed Forces.

We believe in a world where veterans should not be sleeping rough on our streets.

We believe in a world where veterans should not have to turn to crime to provide for themselves or their families.

We believe in a world where veterans who have dedicated their lives to protecting the United Kingdom and its’ citizens, deserve specialised support on the next step of their life journey.


What We Do

Veterans into Logistics aims to reduce unemployment amongst the ex-military community through HGV training, leading to successful career in the logistics sector.

We know how difficult it is to leave the Armed Forces. It is a very structured career that requires a person to follow orders and have dedication.

There are strict boundaries with any military role, and veterans have often worked across the world in high-pressure environments. It is not just a job and the people you are surrounded by, your colleagues, become a second family. The crossover into civilian life can be challenging, confusing and depressing. Veterans may start to question everything, feeling lonely, worthless, and inadequate.

At Veterans into Logistics we mentor and support veterans to take the next step in their lives. We understand the apprehension and upheaval that lies ahead, but the guidance we provide helps prepare them for the future.


Who Do We Do It For?

We do it for service leavers, reservists, veterans, families and individuals. They may be from deprived areas, unemployed or on low income and need extra support if they lack confidence and self-belief.


Why Do We Do It

We do it because we care and understand the difficulties of leaving the Armed Forces without a transferable skill. We do it to support veterans into new HGV driving careers with the aim to reduce unemployment, homelessness and imprisonment amongst the veteran community. Unfortunately, too many veterans have been let down upon leaving the military and left by the wayside after serving their country!


Why Logistics

A career in logistics benefits everyone. The UK retains a chronic shortage of HGV drivers* with more than 7 million people involved in the country’s logistics sector – veterans are proven to be hard-working and reliable employees, ideally suited to help close the skills gap.

Jobs in logistics are flexible and perfect for well-supported veterans to take their next career leap. They can work around their home commitments and are not confined to an office environment.


Why It Works

Logistics careers offer structure, stability, and financial security. They are a fantastic choice for military personnel who want secure employment after leaving the Armed Forces.

We help veterans get started with their logistics careers, providing opportunities for well-paid, meaningful work.

* Logistics UK’s analysis of Office of National Statistics Labour Force Survey 2022