Veterans Into Logistics


Ex-Army Air Corps

Neil Donald

I was introduced to Darren at Veterans into Logistics by the DWP.

I went to meet Darren and discuss my options on the 24th August. Today, just 5 over 2 weeks later I had a meeting with an employer and have been invited to a driving assessment on Monday.

In less than 3 weeks with the support of Veterans into Logistics, I have completed my Initial CPC and met with a company offering to take me on and guide me into the industry. I am excited to finally be able to use the licence that I’ve had for 10 years especially after a difficult year.

This opportunity is amazing, and I am now looking forward to starting work, and I know that Veterans into Logistics are always there to help me if I need them or to help others who are in a situation like mine and want to get back into work.

Ex-British Army

Chevron Grant

I have been out the military almost 5 years and I’ve tried different types of jobs but finding a career that best suited my skills and experiences was difficult.

After deciding I wanted my LGV licence I got in touch with Veterans into Logistics where they answered all my queries and settles my nerves on becoming an LGV driver.

After successfully gaining my LGV licence I was offered work within a few days of passing. Even though I was nervous about starting my new role as an LGV driver, Darren was a phone call away to answer any questions and put any anxious thoughts to rest.

Not only have they taught me new qualifications but they have given me confidence within the industry. I now have a full-time job working for a large distribution company which is my first permanent employment I’ve gained since leaving the military.

I am now able to look forward to building and developing my skills and progress in becoming a better LGV driver.

Ex-Royal Navy

Conner McDougall

I joined the Royal Navy in 2013, serving the first two years as a submariner before being attached to the Royal Marines as a storeman. In 2018 I left the Armed Forces returning to my hometown Leven.

Upon leaving the military I found employment in local timber year before becoming a security guard. Whilst in the military I gained my HGV licence but was never able to get a HGV driving job due to not having a CPC card.

I completed 35 hours of Driver CPC Periodic training only to find out I’d wasted money.

It was only when I got in touch with Veterans into Logistics I found out because I am ex-military, I needed to pass Module 2 & 4 (Initial CPC) to qualify for a CPC card. Veterans into Logistics booked my Mod 2 & 4 tests and provided the training enabling me to pass first time.

I’d like to thank the Veterans into Logistics team for their support. I now look forward to a new career as a HGV driver!

Ex-Military Police

Conor Lennon

After having served 5 years in the army and it being all I have ever knew employment-wise. The transition to civilian life was always going to be slightly daunting.

During my leaving process, I contacted Darren from Veterans into Logistics who proceeded immediately to put my mind at rest and reassured me that with my licences securing employment wouldn’t be an issue.

I cannot thank the team enough for all that they have done. The team are clearly passionate about what they do and truly have the best interests of veterans at heart. They truly have gone above and beyond in assisting me in obtaining my CPC with step-by-step guidance and advice on how to achieve this.

Thanks to Veterans into Logistics, I am now fully qualified to driver commercially and have the comfort of guaranteed employment.

I would highly recommend Veterans into Logistics to any Service person currently looking at transitioning into civilian life.

Ex-Royal Artillery

Craig Dyer

I’m an ex-Royal Artillery soldier that was medically discharged after a serious motorcycle accident back in 2009 which left me with a disability affecting my arm.

This affected my driving licence restricting me to automatic only and requiring adaptions to vehicles to drive them legally. I’ve had numerous jobs since but none I enjoyed as much as driving. I approached many haulage firms but was knocked back on many occasions despite there being a national shortage of Class 1 drivers.

I’ve held my Class 1 licence since 1996 with many years of experience through the armed forces and agency driving in time off. Most recently I was knocked back by one of the largest haulage firms in the country and I was told it was because my Drivers CPC card was out of date.

I took to social media to have a whinge on a forces page where Darren Wright from Veterans into Logistics contacted me. We had a good chat and he offered to put me through my Driver CPC Periodic training straight away. I took a week off work and completed the training, so I was current again. But Darren’s help didn’t stop there.

I applied for a few jobs and got interviews through Darren’s connections in some haulage firms. I was very apprehensive after being knocked back before, especially with my disability. Darren encouraged me and gave some great advice to help in the interviews.

I have now secured an HGV Class 1 driving position with a leading firm after a successful interview and driving assessment. I cannot thank Darren and Veterans into Logistics enough not only for putting me through my Driver CPC training but their support and encouragement in finding driver employment.

A truly fantastic charity, keep up the good work!


Gary Caldwell

I left the Army in August 2010 after serving 23 years in the Infantry. When I left, I jumped straight into the security industry firstly overseas then back in the UK, where I progressed into Management, over the years the industry has changed, and I felt I needed a change for my personal mental health and a less stressful environment.

I heard about Veterans into Logistics so arranged to meet Darren over a coffee to discuss, I had my Class 1 licence just needed to complete my CPC course to become qualified again. The biggest concern I had was a lack of commercial experience and confidence about getting behind the wheel with no experience and often overlooked due to this.

Veterans into Logistics, put all my concerns to the side, Darren provided me much needed advice and took me out driving in their HGV truck to raise my confidence, he also arranged driving assessment and opportunities at local haulage companies that fully understood provided my position and willing to help.

Today I’m driving for Eddie Stobart and after three weeks I couldn’t be more grateful for the support Veterans into Logistics have provided me, Darren who is still in contact providing support and options for the future. I intend to support Veterans into Logistics in the future and would say to any veterans give them a call if you’re considering the transport industry and struggling.

Ex-Royal Engineer

Lee Halpin

I left the Army in August 2010 after serving 23 years in the Infantry. When I left, I jumped straight into the security industry firstly overseas then back in the UK, where I progressed into Management, over the years the industry has changed, and I felt I needed a change for my personal mental health and a less stressful environment.

I can’t thank Veterans into Logistics enough for all they have done for me.

From start to finish the support and advice I received from Darren and the team was excellent. I passed my CPC and HGV with flying colours and went straight into full-time employment.

What Darren and his team are doing for lads like myself is beyond words, they really are helping people sort their lives out by giving them a trade for the rest of their lives.

Being ex-military myself and relating a lot with Darren I felt at ease from the minute I walked in the office. Janice and Jon both care about what they are doing for ex-veterans and the time and effort their put in is outstanding

My life changed for the better and it’s all thanks to Veterans into Logistics!

Ex-Queen’s Lancashire Regiment

Steven Eden

I am ex-military having served in the Queens Lancashire Regiment and I would like to take this opportunity to share my story so that other veterans read it and know there is support if you reach out for it.

For the past few years, I have been suffering with depression which led to me losing my self-esteem resulting in being unemployed for a long time. It was when I was at my lowest point that I went to Wigan Armed Forces HQ to see fellow veteran Andy Powell for support, it was during our conversation of how I can get self-esteem back into my life, I explained I always wanted to be a LGV Class 1 driver like my brother.

Andy informed me of Veterans into Logistics an organisation based in Manchester that supports ex-military personnel gain their LGV licence and back into employment. I contacted Veterans into Logistics and spoke with Darren Wright also a fellow veteran himself, Darren invited me down to their office to meet himself and the team and we discussed about what needed to be done to obtain my LGV licence.

Firstly, I was put on a Driver CPC Periodic training course for five days with fellow veterans which I really enjoyed because I was able to have a laugh with light-hearted banter with fellow veterans. It was after completing this course that I started to feel better within myself and started looking forward to life knowing I was one step closer to getting my LGV Class 1 licence.

Not only have I passed my LGV Class 1 driving test with Veterans into Logistics, but they arranged a job interview with Asda where I was offered full-time employment. I can honestly say that Veterans into Logistics have put a glow back in my life and my family’s fate, so from myself and my family I would like to thank Darren and the Veterans into Logistics team for their time and effort in giving me the confidence to become an LGV Class 1 driver.

From my heart, thank you!

Keep the work up as it’s outstanding what you are doing, making people believe they can achieve.

Top team!


Lee O’Shaughnessy

Since leaving the Army, I have took on careers that I knew, deep down, wouldn’t see me through the long term and that’s a worry, especially further down the line, in terms of job security and general wellbeing.

Darren and the team at Veterans into Logistics have given me a qualification that has extinguished those worries. I really felt like I didn’t have to do much in obtaining my HGV Class 2. Everything was put in place for me and the support everyone has given to me has left me very humbled.

Before my HGV journey, I did not know there was anything like this in place but now I do and I’m eternally thankful and grateful to all involved.

I recommend to anybody in my position to contact Darren and the team and see what they can do for them

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