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Who are we?

At Veterans into Logistics, we are a team of dedicated individuals who are committed to helping veterans by providing HGV training. Our organisation was founded with the belief that our brave servicemen and women should have access to rewarding career opportunities after their service to our country. We strive to empower veterans with the skills, knowledge, and connections necessary to succeed in logistics.

What do we do?

Veterans into Logistics aims to reduce unemployment amongst the ex-military community through HGV training, leading to a successful career in the logistics sector.

There are strict boundaries with any military role, and veterans have often worked across the world in high-pressure environments. It is not just a job and the people you are surrounded by, your colleagues, become a second family. The crossover into civilian life can be challenging, confusing and depressing. Veterans may start to question everything, feeling lonely, worthless, and inadequate.

At Veterans into Logistics we mentor and support veterans to take the next step in their lives. We understand the apprehension and upheaval that lies ahead, but the guidance we provide helps prepare them for the future.

Who do we help?

Service leavers, reservists, veterans, families and individuals who may be from deprived areas, unemployed or on low income and need extra support if they lack confidence and self-belief. We understand the difficulties of leaving the Armed Forces without a transferable skill and our goal is to reduce unemployment, homelessness and imprisonment amongst the veteran community. Too many veterans have been let down upon leaving the military and left by the wayside after serving their country!

Through our collaborations with highly-respected logistics companies, we can provide secure work for our veterans upon receiving their HGV licence, allowing them to thrive in the sector and contribute to their communities. Our work at Veterans into Logistics is a testament to the value of investing in our veterans, and we will continue to strive towards a future where every veteran has access to a rewarding career in logistics.

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